• Weapon X Cadillac ATS-V LF4 tops 600 rwhp on a Mustang dyno with 93 octane and meth

      This is the same automatic ATS-V that ran 10.9 @ 127 in the 1/4 mile with bolt on modifications. Weapon X Motorsports made changes since that run in 2016 but for whatever reason they are not sharing what those changes are.

      The big question is if this is on the factory turbochargers because if so, this is massive bolt on power:

      601 whp and 593 wtq. All from pump gas and meth. They plan on going further with ethanol.

      So what is the big secret about the mod list? It is very annoying when tuners put out a graph but then do not tell you how they achieved those numbers.

      Considering how impressive these numbers are a lot of people out there no doubt want to know the recipe.

      Quote Originally Posted by Weapon X
      WEAPON-X finally had some time to play with our shop car today. We've had a couple of experimental parts on the car since summer, but haven't had a chance to get it on the dyno. This car was first to make a 10 second pass and we didn't even get the car to the track this year, that's how crazy it's been. I'll release more data and the products soon, but we now have more air flow with less restriction and you can see how the car is picking up power. This is only 18psi on 93/meth! Flex Sensor is on, trying to get the car back on the dyno after lunch

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        This is in fact on the stock turbos.

        600 whp on a Mustang on the stock turbos is crazy strong.